J Dewey Rods now offers Swab-its® Firearm Cleaning Products

Swab-its® newest dealer: J Dewey Rods

Springfield, Massachusetts. August 9, 2017.

Dewey Manufacturing has been supplying Sportsman, Law Enforcement, Competitors and Collectors with the highest quality gun cleaning rods and supplies in the industry since 1975. Their most prominent customers are but are not limited to US Navy Seals, Us Marine Corps Snipers, US Army Snipers, Federal Air Marshal Services, Law Enforcement Agencies Country-wide, and the Us Olympic Shooting Team.

Swab-its® Firearm Cleaning Products is thrilled to announce that J Dewey Rods, a high-quality gun cleaning rods and supply company, has added Bore-Tips and 9-piece Gun-tips to their product line.

Swab-its® offers precision bore cleaners for firearms that are manufactured in America. These patented tools offer a fast and efficient firearm cleaning solution, which ultimately replaces the hassle of patches and mops. With caliber specific, lint free and fiber free foam, 360-degrees of the firearm will be cleaned and preserved for safe firearm use. The color-coded plastic aids as an easy caliber recognition with some of Swab-its bore cleaners doubling as a safety tool such as an empty chamber indicator. After using, the swabs can be washed and reused resulting in a long product life. These lightweight and portable swabs can meet any needs at the home, field, or range.


“Unlike our competitors, Swab-its firearm cleaning swabs are lint free, expand in the chamber providing a much more effective clean than felt pads, mops, or patches, and last almost forever due to the durable material and washable and reusable design,” explains, Sales Representative, Ethan Buckley


Find Swab-its Gun-tips line, on J Dewey Rods’ website www.deweyrods.com

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