Super Brush Donates to Three Charities this Holiday Season

As the weather gets colder in Springfield, Massachusetts, our hearts are getting warmer. Each year, the Super Brush employees buy tickets for a chance to win a themed basket at our annual holiday party. The money raised from the raffle tickets is then donated to three different charities in the Springfield area.

This year, four different baskets were purchased from the homeless cat shelter in Westfield, MA. These basket themes are game night, cat treats, dog treats, and sweets. One of our employees donated a handmade birdhouse to be raffled off and another employee donated a $100 worth of scratch-off tickets. Lastly, an Italian dinner basket was made by another employee.

All of the proceeds of our raffle this year will go to Lorraine’s Soup Kitchen, Dakin Humane Society, and Womanshelter/Compañeras. Our team is happy to give back to our local community.


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