Super Brush’s Year in Review

Super Brush had a tremendous year of creating new products for the medical, industrial, and firearm trades. With each innovation, we created brand new solutions to address customer concerns. Our swabs were a part of clinical studies, new antiseptic products, clean rooms, and even brand-new swabs kits for firearm owners.

This year, Super Brush developed a variety of new swabs for the medical industry ranging from a new swab that acts as a filter on a coating dispenser to a custom swab for pet hygiene. Super Brush also engineered a small, custom swab for cleaning a unique piece of lab equipment. This reduced our customer’s cleaning time from 10-15 minutes to 1-2 minutes. Additionally, our innovative swabs were part of multiple clinical studies centered around new anti-viral drug applications and new antiseptic products.

Super Brush designed a novel 1.5” x 1.5” blue polyurethane foam mitt on a sturdy white polypropylene handle. The blue block swab is the only swab in Super Brush’s product line that is not heat sealed to itself. The polyurethane foam is great for scrubbing delicate surfaces because it is a soft- adhesive-free foam.

Swab-its® firearm cleaning line expanded exponentially with three brand new Bore-Stick™ calibers and five new cleaning kits. The Bore-Sticks line expanded with the additions of .22cal, .40cal, and .45cal. Each of these reusable 3-in-1 tools makes it easy for firearm owners to clean bores, cylinders, and chambers to give owners a long-lasting clean.  Swab-its firearm cleaning products teamed up with BREAKTHROUGH® to include a highly sought-after lubricant in 5 new caliber specific cleaning kits.

Overall, this year was a busy and productive one for us. We hope that you had a marvelous year as well.  Contact for more information on any of these swabs.

Year in review

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