Think of Super Brush Next Time You Fly!

Super Brush foam swabs are specified by aircraft manufacturers as sealant application tools. Sealants are applied with swabs over fasteners in aircraft fuel tanks. The sealants help protect the aircraft from damage from lightning strikes.  

Major aerospace, defense contractors, and maintenance organizers look to Super Brush® when cleanliness is critical. Our durable, lint-free tools are the solution to cleaning and application challenges. These innovative swabs:

  • Replace cotton swabs in cleanroom, manufacturing and assembly operations for decreased FOD
  • Provide a BAC 5000-approved application tool for sealants
  • Can be used to apply touch-up paint, solvents, adhesives, lubricants and remove excess sprayed coatings, grit, and particles from prepared surfaces
  • Do not leave bristles and do not splatter like traditional brushes
AerospaceBac 5000Fod

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