Why We're an American Made Company

Here at Super Brush, we pride ourselves on being an American made company. By manufacturing and buying American made products, you are helping our economy flourish. Although the initial price tag of American Made products may seem daunting to some, the cost per use is much lower due to the products longevity. Foreign products will break within the first couple uses while the American made product will last for countless uses. The American made sticker ensures that the products you purchase are made with safe work regulations, are excellent quality, and are created by real people you know. The real question is: why wouldn’t you buy American made products?

You can buy the products in good conscience.

You know where the company makes the products, the mothers and fathers who work for the company, and the history of the company. When you buy American made products you're buying the product knowing that the product was made with care and respect.When products aren’t American made, you don’t know what the working conditions were while creating that product. The American government oversees safe working conditions and ensures that there will be humane work conditions, minimal accidents, and an overall safe work environment. Most facilities in other countries wouldn't be able to pass American work regulations. Our American made company, compiled with less than 100 workers, ensures that our employees' safety and lives are the utmost importance. You’ll never hear of Super Brush being punished for inhumane work conditions or unsafe work conditions. Thus, you can buy from Super Brush with confidence.

You’re getting the product you paid for.

Purchasing products from American companies ensure that the quality of the product is impeccable. With rich supplies and well-crafted machines, we make sure that you're getting exactly what you're paying for. Our lint-free swabs go through multiple check points before we package and ship the swabs to your home. Each swab is carefully noted on how it adheres to the stick and how the quality of foam adheres to itself. We wouldn’t sleep at night if we knew that you were getting a product that wasn’t suitable for you.

You're helping out your community.

The biggest reason we wanted to be an American made company is that we know that we would help so many different families in our community. We The people who work in our company may be your neighbor, your friend, or even your brother. By giving citizens in our community an opportunity to work in our company we know that we're helping the economy. Instead of outsourcing our manufacturing process, we’re giving job opportunities to families so they can provide for their families and build a life. We’re helping our own citizens make the life that they want. 

This Labor Day weekend, celebrate the extra day off by buying American made products. Not only will you be helping out your fellow neighbor but you'll be buying a product that is built to last. -

-Happy Labor Day from the Super Brush Team 



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