71-4500: 5,19" pěnový tampon s celkovou délkou se širokou obdélníkovou pěnovou rukavicí a polypropylenovou rukojetí


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Ron Richardson
Work great!

I've been using these for years to clean UV flatbed printer heads.

Kelly Ann Boghian
Works great

They work great for I need them for. I have been using these for years.

joel cane
Better mousetrap!

In the search for the best gun cleaning products, you'll find plenty of options. Most revolve around some sort of q-tip product or another. All my friends use everyday q-tips, but I never understood why, as they leave fuzz in all the wrong places. Yes, they're dirt cheap, but your gun isn't- get my drift? The 71-4500 swab is PERFECT for so many different handgun cleaning tasks. Cleaning your magwell, cleaning your magazines... you name it. Of course this swab is broader than your garden variety q-tip, but that's why they're so good. As it's foam you can't scrub briskly, you've got to use a little restraint, but so what- the head will do what you need it to. The handle is not stiff like a board and is a good length for lots of calibers. Stop using lint/fuzz sticks! Pay the extra for the Swab-It!

James Pelander
Foam swabs highly recommended!

I highly recommend the foam swabs. I use them often when detailing my car. In addition to using the swabs when detailing my car I have found many used for them around the house when cleaning in small spaces. The price for 500 swabs was quite reasonable!

Ken Joynt
No Problems!

We use them all day long, 100% satisfied

Customer Reviews

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