Fix Your iPhone with Mini Tip Swabs

The average cell phone has more germs on it than a public toilet. Think about it, your phone goes everywhere with you. It may travel in a back pocket, a purse, or even just your hand. Throughout the day your phone is constantly bombarded with lint, dirt, pollen, and much worse. These particles can get stuck inside your headphone jack and phone case causing internal damage to your phone. Luckily, we have developed a swab that can reach inside your iPhone jack and can clean inside your phone case.

The Mini Tip Swab can carefully reach into the headphone jack and remove lint, dirt, and pollen. Enter the swab inside the headphone jack and twist it in a circular motion. The lint trapped inside the headphone jack will naturally come out. After you’re finished cleaning your headphone jack use the same swab to clean the entire surface of your phone case. The swab can be then cleaned with soap and water. 

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