Opportunity to Try Swab-its® Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swabs™ With the Experts

Prepare yourself for a four-day packed event that allows you and your company to learn from the manufactures themselves. NASGW is hosting their Annual expo and meeting in San Antonio, Texas. This event provides an educational, marketing and communications opportunity for the hunting and shooting sports wholesaler, manufacturer, and sales professional.

Swab-its will be demonstrating their Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swabs, a necessity for any AR-15 or M4. Each Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swab is designed to reach 360 degrees of an AR’s barrel extension and chamber assuring the perfect clean.

To find out more information about NASGW visit their website www.nasgw.org/. Swab-its Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swabs will be ready to be demonstrated at booth 678.  

Swab-its® is a registered trademark of Super Brush LLC.

Ar-15M4Star chamber cleaning foam swab

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