Swab-its® Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swabs™ Find Yet Another Home

Springfield, Massachusetts. October 10, 2017.

Brownells is a third-generation, family-owned company serving gunsmiths, hobbyists, and shooters for more than 75 years. They have over 90,000 products including unique gun parts, accessories, gunsmithing tools, ammunition, and other products to maintain, repair, and upgrade firearms.   With that, Swab-its is thrilled to announce that Brownells is now carrying Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swabs, a necessity for AR-15s and M4s. Each Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swab is designed to reach 360 degrees of an AR’s barrel extension and chamber. These washable and reusable swabs are a huge innovation in the firearm cleaning field.

To find out more information about Brownells visit their website www.brownells.com.

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