Swab-its® Cosmetic Applicators

Want to improve your makeup? Look no further than Swab-its® Cosmetic Applicators! Lint-free and fiber-free foam swab applicators make it easy to apply eyeshadow, lipstick, nail art, eyeliner, concealer, body art, and skincare. The spear-shaped design of Swab-its Cosmetic Applicators allows for precise details such as contouring and eyeliner. The foam swabs have two sides for applying for broad coverage makeup while avoiding cross-contamination. 

Swab-its foam swabs are made of white non-reticulated foam, a flexible yet lightweight foam that allows for brushstroke-free product application and blending. The tapered gray polypropylene plastic handle is durable enough to not fall apart during use as a paper handle does. Swab-its Cosmetic Swab Applicators are 2.83” making them perfect for small details. Swab-its foam swabs are multi-purpose and work great for cleaning, crafting, detailing, applying, or removing products. 

Foam swabs are washable and reusable with soap and water or mineral spirits. Swab-its foam applicators absorb less product than traditional cotton swabs, extending the shelf life of your products. Swab-its are designed and manufactured in the USA. Each Cosmetic Applicator Kit includes 24-pieces for just $9.99. For more details, the item number is #87-7901.


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