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Looking for Product Testers

The Super Brush/Swab-its® team is looking for product testers to help us test our new product the Superb Foam Swab™ cleaning swab. This new cleaning swab is a foil pouched 3 inch swab with 1ml of our cleaning solution.

This solution can clean dust, dirt, grease, and oil from equipment and surfaces.

We're looking for feedback on this new product!

56-4508 Superb Foam Swab
Swab-its 71-4508 foam swab. 3.125 inch cleaning swab

The Superb Foam Swab includes 1 saturated swab in a foil pouch.

The 56-4508-DW-S is a 3.125” large rectangular foam mitt swab. White non-reticulated polyurethane foam on a polypropylene plastic handle.

• Head Width: 11mm, .43”
• Head Length: 25mm, 1”
• Handle OD: 6mm, .25”
• Handle Length: 78mm, 3.078”
• Overall Length: 79mm, 3.125”

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