20 Gauge Gun Rengöring Bore-tips® av Swab-its® Barrel Rengöring svabbprover: 41-0020


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William Kopf
Great , but Tip doesn't last

As a 4 ga. Skeet shooter, the Swab-its are great before tube changes and 12ga barrels. After use with small amount of Cleaner and light oil, I clean the tips in mild dish soap water. The come clean, but after 2 cycles like this, the start to come apart and leave foam material in the tubes/barrel. I always follow up with a barrell snake in tubes and barrel. Great carry along with shoots; Don't let stand for long period without washing cleaning tips-they will fall apart.

Howard Shouffler
Works great but expensive

Works great. I use the 20 gauge swaps to clean muzzleloaders. The swab can be washed which is a good thing. If I had to use them and then throw them away it would become very expensive. $2.67 a cleaning would be very expensive.

Gilbert Jacobs
Great resource for maintaining my gun

Easy to use and does a good job cleaning the barrel!

William Kopf
Great Product

Easy to use and reuse. As a avid skeet shooter, Bore-Tips with cleaning agent take out powder and plastic residue with two passes in the bore. Second tip with oil and you are done without using multiple patches...

Jim in Houston
Makes Gun Cleaning Easy

I have been using swab-its to clean my 12 ga for as long as I have owned it. Now that I have a 20 ga, I have ordered swab-its for it. After each use (e.g., a 100 clay round), I spay the bore with an aerosol bore cleaner, run a swab-it down to distribute the cleaner, after a few minutes run a different swab-it down to clean up the loose dirt, then finish with a clean, lightly oiled swab-it before I put the gun away.

Customer Reviews

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