Each Participant in WTF Biathlon Will Receive a Free Package of Bore-Tips

Waco Tactical Fitness is hosting a Biathlon to challenge the individual stamina. This intense competition is featured across a 300-acre private ranch that offers a variety of different terrains including hills, trails, woods, and a river walk. There are server berms and shooting lanes, with distances out to the 1000 yards. This ideal venue is perfect for rifle matches as well as the biathlon competitions.

On October 20th and 21st your skills will be taken to the test as you take on shooting stages that are both dynamic and difficult. Most of these stages require serious problem-solving skills. 10-12% of competitors complete all stages and obstacles successfully.

After each contestant is finished, they can clean their firearm properly with a package of Bore-Tips. May the best contestant win this weekend.


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