How Dirty is Your Water Bottle?

Treadmill Reviews conducted a study testing a number of germs found in water bottles. They tested 12 different water bottles and came up with the scary statistic that as many as 313,499 germs are on the average athlete's water bottle. That is dirtier than a toilet seat! 98-99% of the germs were gram-negative rods that can cause sicknesses such as pneumonia and blood infections. 

Luckily for you, Super Brush® has created Hydraclean-tips™. The kit comes with six special tools that can clean the inner surface of your water bottle, the mouth opening, the suction cups, and even the straws. Say bye-bye pesky germs and hello clean water. 

The six soft and absorbent tips are soft enough not to scratch the inner surface of your water bottle but durable enough to wipe away the germs. There are two large swabs that are designed to clean and dry the inner surfaces of the water bottle. The blue reservoir cleaning swab is an 8” swab that scrubs all areas of the reservoir to remove built up and residue where as the white reservoir is meant to dry in order to prevent the growth of mold or mildew. The second type of swabs that come in the package are two tube swabs that are meant to clean and dry the straw. The last type of swabs the kit comes with are two bite valve swabs that are engineered to fit into small openings to remove residue and grit.

If you’ve found cleaning your water bottle nearly impossible, this kit is for you.    

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