New Firearm from Santa?

If Santa brought you a new firearm this holiday season, Swab-its® has the perfect tools for keeping it clean and maintained. Swab-its Handgun Kits are available for .22cal, 9mm, .40cal, and .45cal. These kits include a pack of caliber specific Bore-Sticks, 9-Piece Multi-Surface Gun-tips, and a 0.4 FL oz of BREAKTHROUGH. We also have a brand-new kit for the Modern Sporting Rifle that includes a set of Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swabs, 9-Piece Multi-Surface Gun-Tips, .223cal/5.56mm Bore-tips, and a 0.4 FL oz of BREAKTHROUGH. These kits will help you clean, maintain and preserve your new firearm.

Make Santa happy by keeping your firearm clean. Shop Swab-its Firearm Cleaning Kits today.  

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