Shoot the Best Guns at Industry Day at the Range and We’ll Supply the Best Cleaning Tools

What sounds better than shooting some of the industry’s newest guns? Having someone supply the tools to professionally clean those messy guns. During SHOT Show® Industry Day at the Range™ , Swab-its® and Frog Lube will be sponsoring two cleaning tents where you can use the newest, most advanced cleaning products on the market. See the future of firearm cleaning with Frog Lube and Swab-its durable, lint-free swabs that will do the job again and again.

Stop by our tent during SHOT Show® Industry Day at the Range™ and check out what our products are all about. Swab-its and Frog Lube will have two tents in the supplier tent section and Swab-its will have an informational tent located in the non-shooting section. Media resources can be found at

Swab-its® is a registered trademark of Super Brush LLC.

Shot show industry day at the range

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