We're Hiring: Mechanic - Maintenance Department

Job Description Summary:

Employees are responsible for compliance to all applicable forms, work instructions, and standard operating procedures. 

This position performs setups and changeovers of all running machinery in the Production Protocol area and maintains all running machinery at the most efficient and safe rate possible.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

-Troubleshoot and repair all existing production equipment, as needed, to ensure efficiency and safety required.

-Perform setups or changeovers as directed by department supervisor and provide first article paperwork for quality verification.

-In the course of repairing machinery, utilize LOCK OUT/TAG OUT training to safely de-energize and secure the machines against accidental ignition.

-Provide support to the production floor for all mechanical/maintenance needs.

-Communicate with production personnel in regards to issues that arise.

-Report all mechanical problems/opportunities to the Mechanic Supervisor.

-Maintain a clean manufacturing area, free of oils and grease.

-Understand and comply with protocol area garbing procedures:  hairnet, jacket, gloves, safety glasses (when applicable).

-Perform monthly PM’s and first articles.

-Comply with all safety requirements.

-Comply with company policies relative to regular attendance and punctuality.

-Perform all other related tasks as required.

Knowledge, skills, abilities, other:

-Simple Arithmetic

-Data entry/scans

-Scale settings  

-Read and write English

-Gauge Use

-Pneumatic and electrical experience

-Working Environment:

-Medium paced position

-Multiple machine support

Physical Demands:

-Must be able to repeatedly lift 20lbs  

-Must be able to work on feet for extended periods of time

-Good hearing, vision, and memory

Machine Tools Used:



-Hand Trucks & Pallet Jacks

-Hand Tools

Apply by sending resumes through HR@superbrush.com, or visiting Super Brush at 800 Worcester Street Springfield, MA 01151 and fill out an application.


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