12 Gauge Gun Cleaning Bore-tips® by Swab-its®: Barrel Cleaning Swabs: 41-0012


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Richard Levey

These 12 ga swab it's are perfect. Much better than patches or cotton/wool swabs.
No loose fibers. They clean up easily for reuse. Will purchase more for my hand guns.

Darrell Bailey
Not Just For 12ga Anymore

The 12ga swab easily and carefully gets at the aggravating-to-clean chamber area of precision and AR-style .30 caliber rifles. Can even spin it with a hand drill if you want to go harder. And if you ride in too far, doesn't really matter, nothing about the swab can injure the throat. Works brilliantly and delicate too.

Armed Response Inc
Love these

With the new cheap shot shells having steel case heads rather than brass, a polished chamber is extremely important for reliable extraction. I soaked one of these bad boys with metal polish and quickly brought my chambers to a mirror finish. I then cleaned it with Dawn and warm water and it looks un used. I was proud to be one of the product testers for these. Buy 'em. You'll find many uses for them besides cleaning.

James O'Connor
highly recommended

great product. use on all my small bores, .204, .22, .223,.
hope you eventually make for blackpowder .45 and .50 cal.

Jim in Houston
Convenient to Use and Reuse

These swabs are very convenient to use in my 12 ga shotguns. The only alternative I have found is a 12 ga cotton mop pushing a patch. The mop is much harder to clean afterwards, and with the swab-it, there is no need for patches.

Customer Reviews

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