Doesn’t matter if its White tail, Mules, or Black tails.  We have to go through the same preseason rituals. We all have a list, and like Saint Nick, we need to check it twice.  Plan ahead; scout out some plots: sight in your rifle; create some room in the freezer or on the wall “You could be the new owner of 5x5”.

Don’t forget about your rifle’s health though. Having a clean rifle starts at the chamber. Invest a little time and energy in your rifle’s health with Swab-its® Gun-tips®, a great way to clean the hard to reach areas of your firearms. These harder to reach areas are usually neglected but with a Swab-its® 9 piece Gun-tips® kit, you can easily reach these areas. It doesn’t matter if you are cleaning, adding solvent, or a lubricant, Gun-tips® can get you there.  Best of all, once you’ve turned the Gun-tips® black, take the swab to the sink, and wash it off with soap and water!  Wow, that easy!

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