Gifts for the Upland Game Shooter

A shooter may seem like they have it all, but they can never run out products that help take care of their precious guns. To make the upland game shooter happy this holiday season pick up a few packs of Swab-its. You'll be sure to find a smile on your upland shooter this year. 

20 Gauge Bore-Tips

 20ga and caliber specific, Bore-tips are tough, reusable foam tips engineered for 100% bore contact; spreading fluids more evenly than mops and patches without lint or fibers.  Their non-abrasive foam allows them to be run in both directions, while their absorbency requires less solvent/lubricant.  Like all Swab-its products, the 20ga Bore-tips are washable and reusable. They affix to a standard shotgun rod with 5/16-27 threading. 

Large Surface Gun Cleaning Swabs

The Large Surface Gun-tips®  are made out of durable foam that will not leave lint or fibers behind. The Large Surface is ideal for cleaning mag wells, dust covers, slides, lower and upper receivers, trigger assemblies, and bolt carrier assemblies. This package contains 24 swabs. 

Precision Tip Gun Cleaning Swabs

The Precision Tip Gun-tips® are ideal for reaching the tight areas of the gun such as slide rails, frames, trigger assemblies, compensators, and extractor ports. These swabs are ideal for anyone who is particular about their firearms. The package contains 24 swabs.

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