Every year Super Brush hosts an annual holiday party for Super Brush employees. Holiday tunes blast among the speakers, different departments socialize, gifts are given, and all of the reindeer games are played. What better way to celebrate the holiday season than with your closest coworkers?

The festivities started off with employees filling their plates high with mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, chicken, steak, green beans, salad, and so much more. Directly following lunch, a huge display of sweets arrive with scrumptious Italian pastries. During the meals, coworkers conversed with each other, took pictures at a photo booth, and wondered curiously what games they were going to try to win.

After all employee’s bellies were full, the games began. In the first game, teams had to create a snowman out of toilet paper, plates, and one scarf. The loudest cheer decided which snowman was the winner. The second game played was drawing a Christmas tree on a plate. The catch was that employees had to place the plate on top of their head while they drew the tree. Points were then calculated based on how accurate the picture was and the winner was given a lottery ticket. The last game was a game of heads and tales. Employees who lost stopped playing the game while other employees who won continued playing. The game ended once there were five remaining players.

Once the games ended, the raffle game began. During the month of the December, employees purchased raffles tickets to win multiple different raffle baskets. The money collected from the raffle tickets was donated to three different charities in the Springfield area. Employees were at the edge of their seats as they awaited their lucky number to be called. A few lucky employees won a gift basket full of goodies.

The last activity was exchanging secret Santa gifts. Three weeks prior, employees picked names out of a hat to find out whom their gift is for. Smiles light up the entire building as employees opened up their precious gifts.

Super Brush’s annual holiday party was a smashing success. The party was filled with full bellies, better connections, and a cheerful, holiday attitude.


 For more holiday spirit check out our holiday video:






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