.45cal Gun Cleaning Bore-tips® by Swab-its®: Barrel Cleaning Swabs: 41-4501


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Armin Erbsland
Highly Recommended

The easiest to use, so much better than anything else I've tried! These bore swabs are all I'll ever be using in my guns from now on. Great products.

H. Robb Holt

Have used a pair of swabs twice so far. They work as long as one brushes at least twice. Easier to use than patches.

I used lots of cleaner, let the barrel soak while I cleaned the rest of the gun, then more solvent and brushed. More solvent and brushed again, soaking swab in mineral spirits and blotting as dry as possible in between. Ran through barrel again. Repeated.

Used a dry swab vigorously, then a regular dry patch to check. Came clean. Finished with an oiled patch, then a dry one.

The swabs wash nicely with dishwashing soap, and look like new after blotting and drying. I don't know how long they will last.

Donald Cook
No Complaints

Used 1 tip to clean 5 guns. No issues. No lint. No tearing, wad replacing. Cleaner hands. So far so good.

Ron March
Highly Recommend

.45cal Bore-tips work exactly as described.
Simple,easy to use with much better results.
The only negative is the product is a little pricy @ $1.30 each

Edward Pass
Highly Recomended

Ordered this product from their website. The communication and serviced was excellent. I use Froglube to clean and lube with. The swaps made this a very easy process and washed out with no problem with soap and water. I will be ordering more.

Customer Reviews

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